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GET, first is the meaning of "Ground engaging tools ", as a company specializing in the export of construction machinery parts, the three letters explain this meaning very well.

GET, second is the meaning of "Global excavator technology ", GET company from the production of the first bucket teeth, all the technicians are constantly learning innovation, on the basis of effective cost control, constantly improve the proportion of raw materials, so as to improve the physical properties of the product, In the product hardness, impact, wear-resistant constantly improve, strive to be excavator parts of the technical guide.

GET, is also the meaning of "General employee training ". The employees of GET company should not only have good foreign trade accomplishment, excellent service consciousness, positive working attitude, but also need more accurate professional knowledge, think what customers think and worry what customers worry. This requires the company to have a complete professional training system, so that every employee in the GET has training opportunities, learning opportunities, thereby improving the quality of customer service.

GET, longer the meaning of "Green environment technology ". the foundry industry has been worried about environmental protection in recent years. As an exporter of foundry products, we should pay attention to the problem of green environmental protection and adhere to the principle of " green production "while providing high-quality products. Reduce pollution.

GET, simple English meaning is "gain, obtain ". We hope that customers from GET companies to get quality products, first-class services; GET companies hope to obtain advanced technology from customers in developed countries, quality management philosophy. Let every customer in GET get what they want, and let GET company grow in getting.